Website Development


Key to creating your perfect website is to have a clear understanding beforehand of who you are and what you do. A one-size-fits-all template is not the path to choose when it comes to building your business and creating your brand. You are unique, and we at Socially Simplified SEO want to make sure that before any site is built, we work with you in order to ensure that your vision is exactly what comes to life. Once your needs are solidified, we then prepare a layout, making sure to involve you in the process every step of the way. Our goal is to please you with the direction, design, and flow of your site, making sure that each page provides everything your potential customers need to know and the ability to easily navigate through those pages.

By keeping your uniqueness, we lay the groundwork for a rich, dynamic online presence that works to bring in customers and increase sales, building your business into a true ‘staple’ of the industry you call home.


After the groundwork is laid, we then move from advisement into layout. The blueprints have been created and we adhere to those precise details to make sure that all graphic design, placement, links between pages, and the balance between text and images are exactly what you want and your company deserves.

Socially Simplified SEO design with purpose and we execute the design of your site with SEO in mind. There is no such thing as “low-quality, stock visual content” used; every image and video we create consists of original visuals. We make sure that the content ranks high in Google and Bing image and video searches, constantly drawing potential customers to your site. By creating a visually pleasing space, people will return again and again and then share your information with others through their own personal networks – yet again, building your brand. Socially Simplified SEO takes pride in what we do and mediocre is not in our vocabulary. Just two reasons why we have become a trusted partner for our clients


Development is one of the greatest aspects of website marketing. Whereas print advertising is set in stone the minute it goes out the door, a great website continues to transform over time, keeping up with the latest trends and industry movements. With Socially Simplified, your website retains optimal appearance at all times, with content continuing to stay fresh and up-to-date for peak performance.

We conduct the tests needed to enable your brand and company to thrive. These rigorous testing methods make sure your website is always a powerfully effective online marketing tool. In addition, we follow and monitor your overall performance; if there’s a ‘slip’ in rankings, we find answers and make the adjustments. By continuously providing new content, building your rankings and your audience, tracking and testing to make sure your revenue streams flow – Socially Simplified proves it’s the perfect partner to help your brand succeed.

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